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Susheel Martin Foundation
State Bank Of India
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What We Do

At Nireekshana, we provide:

  • We empower these kids to become self-sufficient.
  • To train and teach the kids basic self-care skills - eating, toilet training, personal hygiene etc.
  • Develop social skills via group experiences and activities which will help them fit into society and also build confidence.
  • Improve communication skills - spoken and written whenever possible, and reading skills based on their individual capacities.
  • Develop motor, co-ordination and pre-vocational skills.
  • Instill a positive attitude to learning through presentations, activities and experiences.
  • Medical check-up once a year and physiotherapy by Mobility India.
  • Every child is given individual attention, speech and physio therapy provided as required.
  • Art workshops and music therapy.
  • Vocational Training: Kids are provided with medical aid; educational training; communicative skills in speech, writing and reading; and vocational skills like candle making, dry flower arrangements, carpentry and packaging of food items.
  • Field trips and picnics – twice a year.

Group activities are held to impart social integration abilities.

'A Typical Day' at Nireekshana

  • Picking up students from their home by the school van.
  • Speech therapy involving learning vocabulary.
  • Morning prayer session.
  • Tea break - horlicks and biscuits.
  • Children of each section commence work on their reading/writing skills, learn via 'PLAY WAY' methodology.
  • Lunch break - they are served simple & healthy meals cooked in the school as part of the midday meal programme.
  • Post lunch, the senior children start with the various assigned daily chores which include cleaning the school, washing utensils, helping the younger children with washroom duties etc.
  • Lastly, the primary children have a short session of music and storytelling while the senior children relax - playing carom or arts and crafts.
  • At 3pm, the children are dropped home.

Annual Day is celebrated during Christmas season every year, with the children showcasing their talents with song, dances, skits etc. This is followed by lunch, a celebration and get together with the kids’ parents, teaching staff, and guests.