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Susheel Martin Foundation
State Bank Of India
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Our Story

In 1989, NAAC (Nireekshana Activity & Achievement Centre) was founded in Bangalore by Mrs. Daya Martin. Mrs. Martin dedicated her life to service, 23 years teaching special children at the Baldwin Opportunity School, Bangalore. She ran this project on her own for four years. In 1994, World Vision of India partnered with Nireekshana providing financial support. This 20-year (till 2013) partnership made Nireekshana a light house of hope for many batches of students from different areas of society.

With Mrs. Martin’s passing away in 2014, her only wish was that Nireekshana should go on….!

In April 2011, Susheel Devadoss Martin passed away. In his memory, Susheel Martin Foundation founded in 2012. Susheel was a person with zest and passion, with a drive toward empowering and upliftment of the needy and destitute. Susheel Martin Foundation is dedicated to his enduring legacy.

Rohini Abigail Rahaman, Mrs. Martin’s daughter moved back to India in 2014 to keep her mother’s dream and passion alive.

With World Vision withdrawing financial support, Susheel Martin Foundation was set up with the aspiration to raise funds and keep the legacy alive. Currently, Rohini heads this Foundation with a passion and zeal to enable these special kids. She is equipped with excellent administrative and training skills, thanks to her background in Lab Science, and being a certified teacher for special kids. She brings to the fore relevant experience working with kids, and as served as kindergarten teacher for 13 years. She is also the Managing Trustee of SMF. Rohini is also raising her two sons Mikeal and Caleb in Bangalore.

Mrs. Sanjana L Sakare, Trustee also plays a vital role at SMF, with a heart for kids and a passionate drive to help and improve the lives of under-privileged children. She is an Engineer (Aircraft Maintenance) by education and is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.


Mission & Vision

All children can learn, if we learn how to teach them!

Every child regardless of the severity or mildness of their disability, or type of handicap and regardless of their race, creed or ability to pay has a right to education and deserves hope for a good future.

Differently abled children especially those who hail from economically weaker sections of the society are often weighed down with financial constraints. They are seen as a burden to their families and are left to suffer in hostile conditions of neglect and even perhaps abuse. SMF provides a school and day-care for 30 differently abled kids, from the ages of 2 to 18, with varying levels of developmental or learning challenges.

SMF is working toward to empowering and enabling these kids to be able to integrate into society, with a hope toward a normal and fulfilling life. We have 30 kids, children from all classes of society, mostly L Nagar slums, Rajendranagar slums, Viveknagar, Eijipura, Aneypalya, Austin Town, Shantinagar.


Our Team

Rohini Abigail Rahaman - leads the team at Nireekshana. Rohini is a laboratory technician by profession. She worked as a 1st grade teacher in Bishop Cotton Boys' School in Bangalore, India and then moved to Dhaka; working as a kindergarten teacher for 9 years. In 2014, she moved back to India to keep her mother's dream alive and also serves as a teacher for these special and gifted children. She is trained in specific learning disabilities and loves and enjoys working with these kids with special needs.

Mrs. Rubamalar - is a creche trained teacher, who joined Nireekshana as one of the first teachers under Mrs. Daya Martin. She continues to train special kids with love, patience and discipline. She is very much loved by her students.

Mrs. Margaret - joined Nireekshana as Assistant Teacher to Mrs. Daya Martin; under whom she was trained. She joined in 1991, and left in 1997 as she got married. Starting off as a young girl, she loved working with special kids. She has tremendous patience and love for the kids. She re-joined in 2010; and continues to teach, love and bless these kids.